Why Exhibit

Who should join this Exhibition

Why ArtEDecor

Malaysia and the region has so many artists and works of art that are not only unique in terms of culture, but fuels the trend of investing in art. It has much potential to spruce up the art industry from the regional to the global market.

The support from MOTAC / National Visual Art Gallery and other related bodies and associations will not only bring collective products to the event but is also beneficial for the buyers/visitors making the inevitable choice for collection and potential investment.

There are so many art galleries and government incentives to support this industry. ArtEDecor will make the industry accessible to the masses and make it affordable for art enthusiasts to own and collect genuine art.

Market Outlook

Art Tourism and Art / Economy is an income generator targeting high yield visitors. Art & Decor has become a part of modern lifestyle and cultural appreciation. It is a promising industry and investment opportunity with the robust development of the industry and property markets. Art and Culture has shown a measurable impact on a nation’s economy and can be regarded as a national resource.

Who should join this Exhibition

  • Painting
  • Sculptures
  • Installation
  • Antique & Collectables
  • Textiles
  • Photography
  • Home Decors
  • Office Decors

Seminars / Workshops

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a series of seminar, workshops and presentations by industry experts, artists and invited speakers related to the arts industry in the region, who can provide know-how tips

Corporate Events

The organisers through the sponsorship and CSR programme will host the evening functions for the specially invited corporate guests to the event. Not only for the networking values added to the events, but also for the potential opportunities for them to support the budding artists. Witt, high disposable incomes, they are the potential buyers and highly-valued visitors to the events.