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Title: Let’s Make a Brighter Tomorrow
60.5cm x 91cm
Acrylic on Canvas

The world has been getting warmer since the end of last Glacial Period about 15,500 years ago. The warming and cooling have been part of the Earth’s natural cycle. Of late, man has been seen responsible in contributing to an imbalance in the natural cycle by increasing the rate of warming. Within our lifespan we can clearly notice that changes to global climates have taken place at a pace unimaginable. Freak storms and hurricanes and melting polar ice are some of nature’s ways in responding to the imbalance. Deforestation, pollution, and depletion and extinction of species, to name a few, have been going on extensively since the Industrial Age.
The painting portrays some of the undesirable situations where man may have helped to contribute. However, hope for a better world is sure to come when man has come to term with his mistakes and begins to make amends.
Title: An Egret Invasion 2

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