About The Event

Art Exhibition by Malaysian Artists

About ArtEDecor

The ArtEDecor exhibition is a platform to promote artwork from both the emerging and known artist. Our two consecutive years of events in 2018 & 2019 have helped to promote Malaysian art and artists to the international platform.

The objective of ArtEDecor is to create an event / exhibition to support the growing industry for visual arts & décor. With this initiative, ArtEDecor will promote and give a platform to the talented artist, especially newcomers, to rise and nurture the industry, slowly building up the art economy and art tourism.

It aims to develop the local art market and to be appreciated by everyone. ArtEDecor concept will display affordable art, paintings, and other decorative items for discerning collectors, designers and home owners.

Many artists struggle to find the opportunity to showcase their works, which is why this event will bring these artists to a bigger platform with better commercial value.

The event will include demonstrations, live-drawings, workshops, talks and seminars to bring together the budding artists, visitors, art-collectors and art-lovers to share their perspectives on art and the industry.

About a hundred local artists and exhibitors with scores of art and décor pieces are expected to participate at this 4 days event, for the pleasure of an estimated 5000 visitors.

Visitors and buyers will have the opportunity to get the best of selected paintings, arts and decor at a reasonable and affordable cost. ArtEDecor will also bring the B2B to the forefront for smallholders producing décor, such as crafted furniture etc. to the right buyers. Decorative art for the home and office such as painting, sculptures, crafts and collectable, unique furniture will be part of the showcase.

It is spelled ArtEDecor, and comes from two words; Art & Décor

Why ArtE

It represents visual arts & creativity.

Why Decor

Visual Arts & Creativity is to be shown and seen, and thus it will be appreciated.

This is an ART exhibition, representing Malaysian artists, to create a platform of international standard for them to be globally recognized.

ArtEDecor is also about Education – Entertainment – Experience, as many artists are not just talented in the visual arts, but also in other areas, like the performing arts. Artists will learn from each other as the participating artists will curate their personal gallery and display their best artworks. This is a CSR programme, hence we take this platform to EDucate the artists, especially emerging artists, to continue being creative and to develop over time (even when they are not working full time). Educating the market that art is for everyone, and to appreciate its cultural value and not just the price. Meanwhile, seasoned artists can continue in their creativity and at the same time educate others.

Be entertained by the variety of artworks on display, accompanying performances and LIVE events.

Capital ED is for Economic Diversion, which creates a new business platform where the majority of the artists do not have the opportunity to market to the pool of people who buy art and appreciate creativity. Like silent artists, there are plenty of ‘silent’ buyers, who buy art out of passion. We divert the business module from depending on the gallery so the artists can market themselves and be their own promoters.

Artworks are to be displayed, to be appreciated and not to act as commodities stored, waiting to be appreciated in value.
Let every home have a piece of original art.

ArtEDecor is one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives by Informa Markets aimed at nurturing the creative lives of emerging artists to support the development of the creative industry.

The Venue

An iconic building with traditional architecture steep in custom and history. Variety of halls, meeting rooms in modern settings and open spaces. The flexibility that allows for tailor-made event concepts – for traditional and new formats. Located in the heart of the nation’s capital and 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Accessible via public transport and walking distant from malls, restaurants, entertainment centers and 3 to 5 star hotels.. WTCKL is formerly known as Putra World Trade Centre ( PWTC ), the preferred venue for local and international conventions, concerts, weddings and other prestigious events in Malaysia.

Tun Razak Hall 4

3rd – 5th March ( 11:00am – 8:00pm )
6th March ( 11:00am – 6:00pm )